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Photo Description: CUNE baseball player fields a ball

Photo Credit: CUNE photo gallery

Madeline Peters

Sower Staff


The Concordia baseball team split a doubleheader against the Northwestern College Red Raiders Thursday afternoon in Orange City, Iowa, losing the first game 6-5, but winning the second game 14-1.


The pitchers for the first game were seniors Frankie Cresta and Blake Benson, as well as sophomore Quinn Zabokrtsky. Cresta pitched for 1.1 innings and had six runs on six hits with zero strikeouts. He also had six errors during his time as pitcher. Zabokrtsky pitched next for 2.2 innings and had one hit and two strikeouts. Benson pitched for two innings and had two hits and one strikeout.


Concordia had three home runs in the first game, scored by junior Joey Grabanski, junior Jay Adams and senior Ben Berg. Junior Jaidan Quinn and sophomore Tanner Tompkins scored the other two runs. Quinn was on base when Grabanski homered allowing him to score, and Tompkins scored off a wild pitch.


The pitchers for the second game were junior Caden Bugarske, freshman Ernie Snyder and senior Daniel Rivera. Bugarske pitched for 5.1 innings and had one run off five hits with five strikeouts. He also had three shutout innings in a row. Snyder pitched for 0.2 innings and had zero hits and one strikeout. Rivera finished off the game pitching one inning, with zero hits and one strikeout.


The Bulldogs had five home runs in the game. Adams and senior Jesse Garcia each scored one, but Grabanski homered a whopping three times. Quinn, Tompkins, junior Alec Blakestad, freshman Zachary Day (running for Ben Berg), senior Teyt Johnson and sophomore Ty Nekoliczak scored the rest of the runs. Garcia, Adams, Quinn, Tompkins, Johnson and Nekoliczak each scored a run in the sixth inning alone.


Toward the end of the second game, Northwestern’s pitchers dropped the ball against Concordia. Their second pitcher, Brady Nicolet, pitched four runs off four hits and did not have a single out before being replaced by Shane Geurink, who did not fare much better, pitching three runs off four hits.


The Bulldogs are now 20-10 overall and 6-2 in the Great Plains Athletic Conference. They play again on April 3 in another doubleheader against Northwestern in Orange City, Iowa.

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