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Home News Concordia Community Gives Life Through Blood Drive

by Elyssia Finch


Over 100 people from the Concordia community donated blood at Concordia’s blood drive on Nov. 18.

¨Every two seconds, someone needs a blood transfusion. The need is constant,” said senior Julie Tyree, who organized the blood drive. “It’s one of the most selfless things we can do. We are freely donating so that someone else may have a chance at life.”

Tyree has been working directly with the Red Cross for three years. She was nominated by her coach her sophomore year for Champions of Character, and she trained as a blood drive coordinator in Washington, D.C.

Tyree started preparing in the summer by setting up the dates for the upcoming year. She made sure Cattle Conference Room was open and that the Red Cross had staff available. Tyree ordered flyers about a month and a half in advance and started advertising two weeks before the blood drive.

¨Running a blood drive is the best feeling in the world because every person that walks through that door is someone’s hero,” Tyree said. “I was able to see what happens on the other end, so having people donate is simply a blessing to witness and be a small part of.”

Junior Terrence Austin was one of the 109 people who donated blood.

¨Giving is important because there are people out there that need blood. It’s all about helping other people,¨ Austin said. ¨I have blood to give. A lot of people don´t have the resources to get what they need. I think that it is really important to give when I can. I give doubles every sixteen weeks, so I can only give three times a year.

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