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Photo description: Freshman Emily Bonilla encourages teammates before the Parliamentary Debate round.

Photo credit: Bailey Mooney

Bailey Mooney

Sower Staff


The Concordia Nebraska Forensics Team laid the foundation for its spring semester season, winning their home tournament Jan. 19- 20.

“I feel the tournament went really well, especially because this is the first time we have hosted it in a while,” said Assistant Coach Malia Frerking. “I feel very lucky to have hosted and very thankful for the schools that came out to compete.

Coach Joe Davis said when the team competes, the goal is to do so with pride. He said the team motto is the simple but powerful Greek word “meraki” meaning putting something of yourself into everything you do.

Five states and 11 overall college forensics programs traveled to Concordia to compete in the Clash of the Climates tournament.

Concordia won the tournament with 82 points total, but for many members competing isn’t the only interest.

Freshman member Emily Bonilla said competing in college Forensics is more than just a competition.

“I have appreciated the opportunity to witness all the messages that have been brought forward today,” said Bonilla.

Sophomore member Quinlan Hendrickson echoed Bonilla and said he enjoyed the opportunity to represent Concordia Forensics.

“I was also proud that everything went smoothly while we were hosting,” Hendrickson said. “All the debates were fun, and I enjoyed my time participating. Having an opportunity to meet many new people is another part of what made the tournament great.”

Sophomore member Brynn Holtmeier said it was great to see what each team had to offer.

“I am so proud of our team for competing in full force and representing us so well,” Holtmeier said.

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