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Students participate in the annual C-Club basketball tournament. Photo courtesy of Julia Witt.

By Julia Witt


Young basketball players from across the state came to campus for this year’s C-Club basketball tournament. 

The C-Club basketball tournament is an annual event hosted by Concordia. Over the course of three days, both boys and girls basketball teams from Lutheran grade schools all over Nebraska compete against each other for the title of C-Club champion. The boys tournament this year had four classes consisting of 29 teams from 20 schools, while the girls tournament had three classes consisting of 23 teams from 17 schools. 

The size and ages of the teams at C-Club vary greatly. While some of the schools at the C-Club tournament, like Lincoln Lutheran Middle School are large enough to bring six different teams to the tournament, other schools barely have enough members to make a team. Either way, they all come to compete. 

“With seven guys it’s kinda hard to (play basketball), but we get more playing time” said St. John’s Columbus student Ty Schmidt.  

For many of the teams competing at the C-Club tournament, this is the biggest event of the season. The teams put in extra practice in order to prepare for the tournament and ensure their success. 

“We ran though all our plays a lot” said St. John’s Columbus student Colden Hegemann. 

No matter what the results are at the end of the day, the true spirit of the C-Club tournament is the fellowship opportunity that it provides for students, parents, and fans alike. 

“(My favorite part of the C-Club Tournament is) using our Talents to honor God and compete against others who go to Lutheran Schools.” said Christ Lutheran Columbus student Issac Stromberg.


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