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Home News CUNE Cupid Finds Valentine’s Day Matches for 143 Students

Photo credit to Kayla Korb

CUNE Cupid, which connects students for dates based on their answers to a personality questionnaire, offered matches for 143 students this Valentine’s Day.

The Valentine’s match event was organized by students, including one who majors in psychology.

This year the questions were based on the Big 5 Personality Test that includes openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism, along with questions about values, goals, relationship preferences, religion and entertainment.

This year’s gender breakdown for entrants was 56.6% women and 43.4% men.

“It went really well! We got a lot of responses, and I think we have a lot of data to build on so that future surveys and matches can be even better,” said Elise Ullestad, one of the organizers. “I look forward to hearing feedback from people so that we can see what we can change and include next year.”

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