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Home Sower Column Writers’ Block: Rainy Skies Fitting for Day Dedicated to Love

Esther Molina

Sower Staff


Valentine’s Day is all about sunshine, warmth and telling your favorite people you love them – unless you live in Nebraska. Then that statement is only two-thirds true, as long as you define warmth as affection rather than the physical state of being warm.

When I woke up this Tuesday, I fully expected a day like before, where people’s bare legs saw the sun for the first time in months and there wasn’t a winter coat in sight. Instead, it was wet, cold and dreary, which, at first glance, seemed slightly disappointing. I mean, isn’t Valentine’s Day supposed to be filled with brightness and cheer? Flowers and sunshine?

Upon a second of further reflection, I found the idea of a rainy Valentine’s Day the most hilarious one known to mankind. It’s almost all I thought about the entire day, and I mentioned it to almost everyone I talked to.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? The day literally dedicated to lovey-dovey affection and gushiness was encapsulated by weather that can be equated to a gray, soaking-wet towel. Sure, most single people I talked to thought the weather was fitting considering their circumstances, but the Valentine’s Day fanatics and those in relationships were kind of bummed out.

When you really think about it though – that’s what real love is sometimes, isn’t it? A sad, wet towel? Now don’t get me wrong, I love love. I do! I recognize that love gives rise to happy feelings of joy and extreme contentment.

But let’s be real. People who boil love down to only the good parts are fooling themselves. Yes, love is arguably one of the most positive and powerful forces on earth, but it comes with its own baggage. Love is messy! It’s complex! Love is a complete and utter vulnerability with someone else. Love means sacrificing and sacrificing means surrendering yourself to another human being out of pure selflessness.

Love inevitably exposes our rawest, most imperfect selves, but says, “What the heck! I’ll stay anyway!”

So, love is like Nebraska weather. It’s unpredictable and at times annoyingly uncomfortable, but in the end, it’s worth it. After all, we get to experience all four seasons in their entire glory, meaning gorgeous summer days, breathtaking autumn colors, crisp snowfalls and beautifully languid rainy days. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than being reminded of love’s true depth through a cold, wet towel kind of day.

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