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by Dana Simpkin


Concordia’s Social Sciences Club, led by Dr. Sara Brady and senior psychology student Megan Suter, works to help students find careers and improve professional development in the field of social sciences.

“(It’s) still in the infancy stages,” Brady said. “But the idea is that it’s an outlet for students…to get together, learn about things in the field and have opportunities to interact with faculty outside of the classroom.”

Assistant Professor of Psychology Sara Brady. Photo by Dana Simpkin.

Assistant Professor of Psychology Sara Brady. Photo by Dana Simpkin.

The club is currently finalizing leadership positions and assigning a representative for Student Senate. Suter, under the supervision of Brady and Professor of Sociology Dr. Kathy Miller, formalized details for the club in preparation for the activities fair in August.

Other students involved in the club during its early stages include sophomore Robyn Tetrick; juniors Benjamin Middendorf, Rachel Hoarty and Liz Schmidt; and senior Evan Rodriguez. Members collected over 60 emails at the fair from students who expressed an interest in receiving updates as the club continues to develop.

“I hope it grows in numbers. I hope students join and keep it going and that it becomes a well-known thing and that there’s a lot going on,” Suter said. “You don’t have to be a psychology major or behavioral science major to be in it.”

Upcoming events include a speaker series featuring professionals from neighboring universities, such as the program director of counseling and school psychology from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in January 2017.

In the spring, Brady hopes to enable upperclassmen to connect with professionals to receive help preparing for their Graduate Record Examinations and assembling materials to include with their applications.

Senior Megan Suter. Photo by Dana Simpkin.

Senior Megan Suter. Photo by Dana Simpkin.

Long term, Suter and Brady hope to establish an honors society within the club similar to other organizations on campus, such as the business club and English club, Phi Beta Lambda and Sigma Tau Delta, respectively.

“It would give students an opportunity to be recognized with the honor of being a part of that group if they make good grades and have a good standing within that department,” Brady said.

The Social Sciences Club meets monthly on Thursday evenings. Information will be posted around campus regarding upcoming presentations and events sponsored by the club. Students who are interested in receiving more information may be added to the Blackboard community organization page by contacting Brady at

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