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Home Opinion Just Pitschin’ Ideas: Post-Election Attitude

by Madison Pitsch

Dear Madison,

How do I react to the election?



Cry. Throw a temper tantrum. Break something. I’m kidding. It is time we buck up.

This election is our civic duty. It’s pretty cool that we get to play a major role in the development of our government, society and culture as a whole. I often forget how important it is that my voice is in the sea of others who essentially call the shots. Neat.

It’s important to realize that all of us are going to “lose” in this election cycle. We are all searching for the perfect candidate, right? News flash: We’re human, and there will never be a perfect candidate, unless Jesus comes back and runs as an Independent Party nominee. The government or debate moderators probably wouldn’t even let Him into the debate.

Another important thing to realize is that the next four years are simply a blip on the map of time. In the grand scheme of time, the next four years will go by in a flash. At the end of the four years, if President Donald Trump is totally rad and changing the lives of Americans for the better, then we vote him into office again. Yay for unexpectedly great things! If President Trump was not what we expected, and things just didn’t turn out the way we wanted them to, then we have the power to change the course our country is on. Repeat after me: I’ve got the power!

My mom has been incredibly trusting of God throughout this election season, almost annoyingly so. This lady wrote the book on how to be calm in times of uncertainty. Every time I ask her about it she says, “Just pray. It’s all in God’s hands anyways.”

It is important to remember that even though the person steering the ship may change, the One who controls the water doesn’t.

So, have no fear. It’s scary, but it’s real life, and we have all the power in the world (or in all the states) to make a change. Just have faith and hope for the best. Maybe we should pray too.




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