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Home News The Flu Hits CU


by Britnee Fear

With sore throats, body aches, headaches, coughs, fevers, and fatigue evident all over campus, the flu season is in full swing again.Concordia has had over fifteen noted cases of the flu and it continues to grow. The flu is not only horrific on Concordia’s campus, but reports show it has been the worst flu season in the nation since 2009 and the flu shot has been less than 20 percent effective.

Campus Nurse Andreea Baker yearns to spread the news about this viral disease. 

“This is the worst semester for influenza I have seen since I have been a nurse here on campus,” Baker said. “With the number of students that have been sick since Christmas break, we are seeing more and more students miss classes, practices, and activities.”

Baker advised students to practice washing your hands frequently, drinking plenty of fluids, getting plenty of rest, and eating a well-balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables. If you do get the flu, it is advised to change your toothbrush or clean the one you have and keep your room clean. Be sure to clean surfaces that multiple people use including doorknobs, faucets, remotes, phones and the like with disinfecting wipes. 

“Even though the flu shot is not very effective this year, it still provides coverage to individuals to keep them from getting the virus or lessening the symptoms of the virus.” Baker said.

 If your roommate comes down with the flu, it is important to take prevention steps to avoid getting it.

 “You have the option of getting Tamiflu, one of the treatments for influenza, if you choose,” Baker said. “Otherwise, I suggest sanitizing things as much as possible and taking care of yourself.” 

If you or your friends have any suspicions of having the flu, stop by the health center to be evaluated.



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