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Home Opinion The Classy Concordia Cuisine Critic

by Paul Hammes

 Janzow has been doing pretty well this semester. It has been improving in many ways this school year. They put hummus in the sandwich line and added more pans to the stir fry line. But, that’s all old news. Let’s talk now about THE ICE CREAM MACHINE.  

It is still old news, but it’s delicious! I never knew true ice cream taste until I tried Dairy Queen for the first time, but now I can come close in Janzow. It is always full too, so nothing can slow my frozen cream addiction down.

Also, the chicken has been nice. For a while I got worried when I would take a bite and have flashbacks to playing in a spider-filled sandbox because it was so dry. However, so far this semester, all the chicken I have eaten is nice and juicy. I do have a problem though. The chicken was good on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4… There is no variety in the food. Man can live on chicken and sandwiches alone, but I do not want to.  

I will leave you with the joy that I get every time I see those little shots of pudding with whipped cream on top. Oh boy, I don’t know why, but it tastes better in small little cups

Recipe of the month: Try peanut butter, granola, milk and oats mixed together. It’s pretty good.




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