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Home Arts & Culture Illustrations from Children’s Books Come to Marxhausen

By Hope Katherine Clark


The first art exhibit of the year, “The Farm Show: Plum Creek Literacy Exhibition,” has come to the Marxhausen Gallery of Art.  Like previous first exhibits, it is aimed at the children who visit Concordia during the Plum Creek Children’s Literacy Festival.

This exhibit is a travelling show, meaning that it will be uninstalled and transferred after the gallery closes Oct. 4. The featured pieces are various illustrations from children’s books that use different media such as collage, watercolor and ink.  

“There’s books where the illustrations are featured in them so the kids can look through the books and see the work that’s on the wall,” senior Brooke Gettman said.

The exhibit is aimed at reaching the children who visit the gallery, and the gallery staff’s goal is to make it easily accessible to them.

“A little thing we do is hang the works a little bit lower on the wall than normal, so the kids are able to see it easily,” Gettman said. “There’re lots of kids coming in and you want them to be able to see it.” 

Future exhibits will include a show from the permanent collection about movement and migration, an exhibit featuring female artists’ work, the Bachelor of Fine Arts  Senior Thesis Show and the art faculty show, among others.


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