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by Chris Wilson


Musical theatre has taken on a new form at the Seward’s Olde Glory Theatre—improvisation. For the first time, Concordia’s improv troupe, the IMPROVables, performed a Music Night at the Olde Glory Theatre on Thursday, Nov. 19.

“Music night is an improv show like our other improv shows, except all of our games have a musical component, which is kind of cool since we usually don’t have a unifying factor in our shows,” said Cadence Klemp, a sophomore studying music therapy.

The Music Night show involved improvised raps, players breaking into song at a second’s notice, an American Idol spoof and much more. The games combined the art of thinking on your feet, adding music and playing a scene at the same time.

This kind of improvisation attracts players of all trades.

“It would help me become more comfortable with who I am, and it’s helped me open up!” Klemp said.

Taylor Renkel, a sophomore in graphic design, performs because “it’s something that’s unscripted, so you get to write it as you go along.”

The IMPROVables have been doing shows at Olde Glory since the spring of 2014, and the show’s entrance fees help fund the troupe as well as Olde Glory’s renovations.

“With Olde Glory, we want it to be a little bit different than our Black Box shows,” junior Paul Nelson said. “Keep it fresh, keep it different and give them a reason to go to Olde Glory over Black Box.”

Previously, the IMPROVables performed three shows a semester but have bumped it up to six to seven shows since they began performing at the Olde Glory Theatre.

Anyone who missed the performance on Thursday can watch it online on the IMPROVables’ YouTube channel “CUNE IMPROVables.”

The IMPROVables’ next Black Box shows are from 7:30-8:30 p.m. and 9-10 p.m on Dec. 12 in the Black Box Theater.


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