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By Olivia Proctor


The game of Assassins was brought back to Concordia’s campus the week of August 31st.

Initiated by sophomore Olivia Leising and freshman Shelby Ziegler, students were invited to play the game and engage with the campus community.

Leising and Ziegler came up with the idea during a lunch conversation to bring the game of Assassins back to Concordia’s campus. Leising said that her sister who attended Concordia around 2015 could remember days where the game engaged the whole campus.

“Back then it used to be a huge campus-wide event.” Leising said. “I was talking to my friend Shelby Ziegler in Janzow one day saying, ‘You know, we should get that started.’”

What they did not expect was so much involvement in the game to occur, but they were pleasantly surprised at the turnout of about 67 people.

“Initially we thought we were going to get maybe 20 people to play, and then it just exploded from there.” Leising said.

Leising explained that the rules of the game involve eliminating a target whom a person has been assigned. The target could be eliminated using one of three methods: poking the person with a plastic spoon, throwing a balled-up sock at them, or “poisoning” them by placing a paper under their drink or plate of food that says “poison” and getting the person to consume the food or drink before they have realized the slip of paper is there. Once a target is eliminated, the person still surviving moves on to the next target until there is only one person left surviving in the game. The last person surviving wins.

Sophomore Nathaniel Mars was involved in the game, and described his experience with it.

“I just got a random email from Olivia Leising one day that [said], ‘You can meet us at 10:27:57 on Thursday night to have an Assassins game meeting.’” Mars said. “Whenever you’re walking to and from class, you’re always looking behind you seeing if someone’s gonna sneak up on you…I got killed surprisingly later than I was thinking.”

Senior Parker Esterberg was declared the winner of the game. Ironically, Leising was his first kill.

The next game is set to begin on Monday at 12:01 am. If any person is interested in being involved in the next game, they can find any piece of paper posted around campus with the logo and QR code.

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