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Home News The First 2020 Presidential Debate

By Janis Buelow

Photo Courtesy of Sower Staff


President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden debated on Tuesday, Sept. 29 in front of a nationwide socially distant audience during their first rounds of presidential-related topics.

With the nation gearing up for the upcoming November election, the debate primarily focused on Coronavirus response, diversity within the nation, voter information, and environmental-related issues. 

According to Good Morning America journalist David Muir, “The debate was a complete disaster…it was one of the worst in history,” he said.

Both candidates, in an attempt to answer the questions of Fox News moderator Christ Wallace, continued to interrupt each other. 

Some people such as Muir felt as though this misled the outcome of the debate to be much more negative than originally intended.

Senior Malia Ebel agreed with Muir, commenting on her frustration with the discussions.

“I just wish they would have an ounce of respect towards one another,” she said, “the 2016 debate was way better. 2020 was a mockery to the presidency.”

Sharing  similar sentiments was junior Broderick Schofield, who wanted to hear more about their stances on the topics.

“They inserted a lot of digs at each other,” he said, “which never answered any of the questions. There’s a lot of room for improvement for the future.”

CUNE school nurse Andreea Baker further discussed the importance of having citizens watch the debate.

“It’s important to hear their opinions on topics important to me,” she said, “however, it was very chaotic.” 

When asked about the debate, CUNE students had somewhat mixed responses for attendance, with only 56% of 40 students watching the debate while the other 44% chose not to engage. 


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