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by Jayme Lowe


This year, returning Concordia students are able to move back on campus a day early as dorms open on Saturday instead of Sunday.

The Student Life Office discussed the idea after last year’s LAUNCH Weekend and decided to implement the change at the end of the 2015–16 school year.

“Returning students and families now have more time to get moved in, and parents can make it home before work on Monday,” Director of Student Development Rehema Kavugha said.

SLO also understands that many students travel long distances to return to school and hopes that the change will lessen frustration on the students’ end.

“I think that it’s definitely a huge help to allow returning students back earlier,” sophomore Erin Rowland said. “It gives us more of a chance to get settled without running around like crazy the day before classes start.”

SLO also considered the benefits of increased interaction between the incoming freshman class and returning students.

“The freshmen class get all of Friday and Saturday morning together,” Kavugha said. “Then in the afternoon, we now have the opportunity for freshmen to meet upperclassmen at the Blue-White scrimmage and then as a student body celebrate the beginning of school with the Bulldog Bash.”

SLO is hopeful that by meeting older students earlier, freshmen will be able to more easily integrate with them and become comfortable in the Concordia community.

“Everyone I’ve talked to over the summer is pumped to get back to Concordia,” senior Jacob Henson said. “So having an extra day to hang out with friends and get settled before classes start is an opportunity that I believe most will take advantage of.”

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