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Home News Seward Issues Voluntary Water Restriction and Road Closings Due to Flood Waters

By Morgan Consier

UPDATED: 11:47 p.m. March 13

Highway 34 on the east side of Seward near the Parade of Flags has been closed due to rising flood waters. The road will be closed until the water dissipates.


The City of Seward has issued a voluntary water restriction following rising water levels in major rivers in the area, including the Big Blue River and Plum Creek.

Residents, including Concordia students, are asked to only use water when necessary to help reduce the load on Seward’s water treatment plan over the course of the next two days.


Original Announcement

City of Seward: VOLUNTARY WATER RESTRICTION: Due to high flood waters entering the sanitary sewer system, the City of Seward requests that all citizens refrain from any unnecessary water usage including washing clothes, running dishwashers, and limit showers and baths for next 48 hours.

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