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Home News The Sower’s Student Senate Summary: November 28, 2017

by Benjamin Middendorf

Thanksgiving break appeared to have given the student senators a much needed boost of energy, as TLEC auditorium was abuzz with conversation before being called to order at 6:16 p.m by Vice President Sam Moore. Aubrey Brown led the group in prayer, followed by an approval of the minutes from Nov. 13.

Moore then invited two representatives of a prospective club to present to the senate for approval.

Junior Gavin DeHaai and sophomore Angela Bell hope to start a College Republicans chapter on campus, through the College Republican National Committee. Dr. Brent Royuk, who advised such a club in the past on campus before it was ended, has agreed to be their advisor again. DeHaai and Bell currently have 40 people who have indicated their interest in the club.

“The purpose would be to develop political skills and leadership abilities among Republican students as preparation for future service in the party and in the community,” Bell said.

The club plans to hold meetings once a month, as well as potentially invite speakers to the campus to talk about political issues. They hope to connect to the Nebraska Republican party for resources and to help promote local, state, and national Republican candidates through phone-call and door-knocking campaigns.

“We’ve been talking to people involved with the Nebraska GOP party, who would be interested in helping out our group by possibly sponsoring events, as well as providing supplies,” DeHaai said.

Many of the student senators said that this club could be a positive influence on campus and give a place for Republican students to make a difference in their party on a larger scale, as well as provide greater opportunities on campus for those looking towards a political career.

It was also stressed that the opportunity must also be opened for a similar Democratic party chapter to be started on campus if students wish to organize such a club, and that no preference be given by the senate for one political position or another. There were also concerns expressed about possible radicalization of political clubs and clubs formed as opposition groups.

The student senate will vote on the approval of the College Republicans chapter at next week’s meeting, the last of the Fall semester.

The senate also approved a proposal to set aside $20 of the senate budget towards snacks for this last meeting.

There was also a tentative date set for January 30 in the Spring semester for a forum with Concordia administration members to discuss non-athlete student access to the athletic facilities, though the date has not been finalized.

CASE announced that they would not be having a meeting in December, but would instead be meeting at Prof. Beth Pester’s house to bake Christmas cookies.

The Student Committee for Diversity and Inclusion announced that they would be holding a meeting that evening at 7:30 p.m. in TLEC 106.

The Concordia Business Club will be providing s’mores to students by the Health Center from 2-4 p.m. on Friday, December 1.

Sigma Tau Delta will have their club member Christmas party on December 10, and also announced the creation of a website for members of Sigma Tau to publish their essays, fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:31 p.m.

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