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The winning team of Spring Weekend was the senior group “Oozma Kappa.” Team members pictured: Kenny Paetow, Kalina Schoenfeld, Tim Oberdieck, Trevor Fiala, and Michaela Regier.


Photo Courtesy of Olivia Dunklau

By Olivia Dunklau


This past weekend, eight teams made up of Concordia students took part in the Spring Weekend competition put on by Concordia’s Student Activities Committee. A cash prize would be awarded to the first and second place winners, as well as two spectators who would also be entered in a raffle to win a prize.

The weekend would start on Friday, Apr. 9 with a Lip Sync in Weller with the Danger Douse and Dance to follow. The following day would be filled with five different events including a scavenger hunt, races, a synchronized swim, and the Concordia Pageant and Closing Ceremony. 

A new team rose to create a new name at Concordia and they were team Brothers and Sisters In Christ: The Fraternity and Sorority of Concordia, also known as Big and Sic. They went all the way from seventh place in the lip-sync up to the runner-up position by the end of the competition. 

“It was a really fun experience to meet more people on campus,” said freshman Gillian Mettenbrink, a member of Bic and Sic. “I’m glad we could have this event even with Covid because you miss out on things in the community and you miss being able to have these types of events.” 

The infamous Team Team made their appearance in the lip-sync featuring live chickens. The group started their performance wandering around the crowd asking for money and then proceeding to the stage throwing around a chicken wire fence, tires and haystacks. 

“I was a little frightened at first,” said freshman spectator Mya Nurse. “It made me quite uncomfortable and I was confused but the chickens at the end made it better.” 

Another team, Blanco’s Boys, competed with a welcome in the lip-sync from junior Josh Marlatt who portrayed himself as Dr. Charles Blanco. 

Quite the performance was put on by team Allstars in the Sync Swim outside of Thom. Each team had to dance in sync with each other in three small kiddie pools. The Dizzy Course took place right after the Sync Swim. Teams had to put on goggles that distorted their vision and look for objects on each level of Thom.

“Overall I liked the scrappiness and competitive nature in all of the teams,” said sophomore Michael from Jtop, a member of Bic and Sic. “A lot of blood sweat and tears went into this and I think the best man won.”

More teams like the Scranton Stranglers, Luke’s Nerds and the Grandpapis also competed showing off great fashion in the Concordia Pageant. The Scranton Stranglers brought back the retired Bruiser the Bulldog who fashioned a Concordia T-shirt, feather boas and a blue cowboy hat. Freshman Anna Royuk, who represented Luke’s Nerds, dressed in many layers of Concordia gear, including a Concordia bucket, umbrella, pom-poms and much more.

The Grandpapi’s reminisced on their past years at Concordia with an old school picture of them styled on their walker. They also were accompanied by their stuffed animal bulldog while wearing a dark blue robe and a diaper with a Concordia sticker and CUNE written on it. 

The winners of the competition were the seniors in the group Oozma Kappa. Judges scored the group well in almost every competition. The group had the current Concordia mascot Bruiser the Bulldog show off a Concordia T-shirt with a guitar, volleyball and scooter to represent the students and life of Concordia all together. Senior Tim Oberdieck took the stage in his Homecoming King crown, sash, and famous jean shorts. He presented Bruiser while also giving a tear-jerking speech and reminisced over his years at Concordia. 

A senior member of Team Team, Drew Boggs spoke on the weekend’s events and about Team Team’s performance. 

“My favorite part of the weekend was playing the games, doing our best and winning,” Boggs said.

The first-place group received Greek Weekend T-shirts and one hundred dollars for each member. The second-place winners, Bic and Sic, received second place winning fifty dollars each. Two spectators also had the chance to win a fifty-dollar prize by checking into each event they attended. 

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