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Nora Betts

Sower Staff


Student Senate President Julia Witt gave her State of the Campus address during Tuesday’s meeting and outlined the Senate’s accomplishments during the fall semester.

The Senate successfully took control of the outdoor chapel project and installed more than half of the seating, as well as the stage and an electrical line, said Witt.

The Senate paused work on the outdoor chapel in late October after digging postholes and installing 16 benches. The installation of the remaining 14 benches during the spring semester has been nicknamed “Wings by Spring” by Witt since the benches will be angled towards the existing center section.

Witt said she anticipates that the outdoor chapel will be completed by the end of the academic year.

The Senate worked to discuss with Chartwells the possible reinstatement of the Dog House swipe box program. The program, which offered a six-item menu for purchase at the Dog House with a meal swipe rather than Bulldog Bucks, was discontinued two years ago partly due to budgeting concerns.

Senate members have expressed interest in reinstating the swipe box program. An open forum with Chartwells’ Director of Dining Services Bob Agee will take place early next semester for Agee to hear student opinions.

“[We are] primarily working with Chartwells and the cafeteria to be able to discuss different food options and really trying to bridge that gap between the students and the Chartwells services,” Witt said.

The Senate also worked to understand students’ feelings of safety on campus through a survey sent to the student body. Around 200 responses were recorded and will be evaluated by the Senate officers before being brought to campus security next semester.

The Senate also released its budget and expenses for the fall semester. The Senate has spent about $2,100, including expenses for concrete and the rental of a gas auger for the outdoor chapel project. A more detailed Senate budget report will likely be made available to students in the near future, said Treasurer Alec Johnston.

Johnston also reminded students to turn in their club constitutions as soon as possible. Every club must submit a constitution to the Senate in order to be officially recognized and receive Senate funding. Each week late after the Dec. 2 due date counts as one meeting absence, which negatively affects the clubs’ funding from the Senate.

Constitutions should include what the club is and does, descriptions of officer positions, and information about rules, bylaws, and procedures, according to Johnston. Constitutions should be emailed to

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