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Home News Students Battle It Out in Winter Floor Wars Sledding Competition

By Hayden Rensner

Eight different residence halls braved the cold, ice and fog Tuesday evening to compete in sledding, the second competition of Winter Floor Wars.

Each team was able to sled down the Osteen Observatory hill two times, and the teams received points for style and creativity.

The sledding event proved to be a memorable event for junior Jallah Bolay of Liberia. Tuesday night was his first time sledding.

“Wow, that was interesting because I’ve never done that before,” Bolay said.

His peers cheered him on, and he successfully made it down the hill.

“At first I was thinking about how I should do it, but then everyone told me to just go for it,” Bolay said.

Students rode down the hill on their knees and stomachs in an attempt to earn points for style. The teams are competing for the Winter Floor Wars trophy that will be awarded at the end of the week.

“We’re going for the trophy. We’re going all the way,” freshman R.J. Acomb said.

The Winter Floor War events will continue Friday night with archery tag and battle ball at 8 p.m. in the P.E. Center.

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