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Photo Courtesy of Sower Staff

By Kaytlyn Kindschy


As the election progresses throughout the night, CUNE students have been keeping track of the race. 

Senior Zebadiah Uden said that he enjoyed the results of early votes.

“Early election results in Texas show Biden taking a small lead and I think that’s fun,” Uden said. “Also, vote him (Trump) out.”

Freshman student from Norway Elise Ullestead said that she was overwhelmed by the United States Election.

“Was I planning on staying up until 5 a.m. because of my stress about coming over to a broken America? No, “ Ullestead said. “Was I able to not cry during this time? Hopefully.”

Senior Allison Pinkall said she was worried about riots no matter who wins.

“This is horrifying and exciting all at once,” Pinkall said. “I’m secretly hoping Jo Jorgensen comes through at the last minute in a Christmas miracle so we don’t have everyone freaking out.”

Mixed emotions have been stirring around campus, especially with the uncertainty of the outcome, as senior Sarah Ragland said.

“It’s been kind of stressful watching the votes come in and knowing that the election probably won’t be called tonight and we won’t know how long this feeling will last.” Ragland said. 

Junior Katie Sheldon said that she was annoyed with the idea of this election being the most influential election we will face. 

“I get frustrated when people say that if we don’t vote right, America will fail,” Sheldon said. “No matter what the outcome is, we will still survive.”

Concordia students are keeping the conversation open while votes keep coming in. Stay tuned and watch out for updates regarding the election coming from The Sower. 


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