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Photo courtesy of Hannah Birtell

By Hannah Birtell

Former Cornhusker football player and wrestler senior Tanner Farmer suited up for the Concordia wrestling team after discovering he has one semester of eligibility left.

Farmer’s wrestling career began long before he joined Concordia, but for him, this extra semester of eligibility is another chance to do what he loves.

“I love to compete,” Farmer said. “I love college athletics. It is a special time in your life. I feel like man’s greatest fear is looking back and going what if. I don’t want to have any what ifs in my life. I am going to do this, and I am enjoying it.”

Farmer began wrestling in fifth grade. He picked up on the sport quickly and developed a passion for it. In high school, Farmer wrestled as a heavyweight all four years. Farmer made it to state wrestling during his sophomore year, but was knocked out in the first round. This loss pushed him to work harder and begin wrestling in the offseason. Farmer’s hard work paid off: his junior and senior years of high school he returned to state and won both years.

“Working during the summer made me a lot better not only as a wrestler but also a better football player,” Farmer said. “It really helped me to get to Division I athlete status as far as football goes.”

At University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Farmer’s time was mainly spent playing football, but he also wrestled when he had the chance. One thing he took from football is his love for his team.

“For football, the most important thing for me was the family aspect,” Farmer said. “The brother to my left and the brother to my right. Even though when I go compete it is just me out there on the mat and the other guy, these guys are my brothers now. They are my family. I would do anything for them and I know they would do anything for me.”

Feeling like part of a family is one of the reasons Farmer chose to use his last semester of eligibility wrestling for Concordia. By taking graduate classes and helping coach the football team, Farmer has been getting to know both students and faculty who make the school feel like home.

This season, Farmer is looking forward to helping his teammates wrestle to their fullest potential. Wrestling Coach Levi Calhoun believes Farmer’s help is valuable to the team.

“Farmer brings leadership, passion and a love of the sport to the team,” Calhoun said. “He brings a lot of excitement. He is usually in a good mood. He comes in and is very loud. He is a nice addition to our leadership on the team.”

Farmer is setting his eyes toward a national championship title as wrestling season continues. However, despite wanting to have a successful end to his collegiate career, Farmer acknowledges there is something more important than a national championship.

“I have to look at the moment that I am in now and appreciate it,” Farmer said. “I look forward to every moment I get with these guys.”

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