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Home Opinion The Perfect Pet: Cats or Dogs?

Photo by Sonja Brandt

By Kaytlyn Kindschy

For years, there have been social debates over what makes dogs or cats the greater pet, but who really is “Man’s Best Friend?”

Cats are very intelligent creatures who, while independent, know who their caregivers are. While it may seem that dogs have a greater capacity to love their owners, cats are very much capable of the same type of affection. If you are looking for a long-term, furry companion, cats are also known to have longer lifespans than dogs do.

Because wild dogs have a mentality of hunting in packs, they are usually more of a social and friendly type of pet compared to a feline. Dogs are natural followers, which means they are naturally obedient to a leader. This makes it easier to train dogs to listen to your commands, but house-breaking is where cats take the cake since they use a litter box and clean themselves. For dog owners, potty training and bath time come included with a puppy.

So, which one of the two makes for a better pet? That entirely depends on the owner. If you have the time and energy to give huge amounts of love and attention to a dog, then that is what works for you. If you are looking for a pet that you occasionally have time to play with and love but don’t want to worry about cleaning them or taking them outside to use the bathroom, then cats are your way to go. Maybe, you’re the type of pet owner who loves the lifestyle of both animals. However, every pet is different and every pet-owner is different. Please do research before deciding to adopt one of these pets because owning a pet is just as much of a responsibility as owning any valuable property.

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