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Home Opinion Your voice matters: communication is worth it

Victoria Cameron

You’re probably sick of being told this, so I’ll make this the last place in this issue where someone tells you: welcome to Concordia! I am so excited to meet and re-meet all of you and tell your stories!

You might think that making it to college means you’ll be doing only complex, skillful things. You will! But you’ll also need to fall back on your most basic skill: communicating. More specifically, asking for help.

(Communicating is difficult. Communication majors will be happy to tell you just how difficult. Don’t offend them.) 

Sometimes, communicating looks like having a complete breakdown. Hopefully you’ll be able to avoid or at least put off that outcome by simply speaking up.

Here at Concordia, you are incredibly connected in ways you probably won’t see right away. If you are in literally any club, you have a representative in Student Senate. If you are in literally any class (which I know you are!), you are definitely surrounded by people who can help you in different ways.

At the Sower, we (the editors) study studio art, music, English, chemistry, criminal justice, biology, sports medicine, psychology, business administration and secondary education Spanish. We’re involved in Concordia Youth Ministries, track, Student Senate, handbells, choir, Sigma Tau, Rotaract, Mission Minded Students, pep band, LAUNCH, art club, symphonic band, wind ensemble and the Sower, of course.

That’s just a small sample of the Sower. We’re everywhere! If you don’t know us, I’m sure you know someone who does. The same goes for just about any other organization you’re hoping to contact.

So speak up. Ask for a ride to Walmart, ask if the tutoring center is any good (it is), ask if anyone wants to study with you. Suggest things you wish Student Senate would fix–they’ll be happy to serve you. I don’t know all the questions you have, but I know the answers are waiting for you.

Let’s have a great year together!

   By Victoria Cameron

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