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Home Features Concordia Senior Provides Insight on Nine Years of 10:31 Coffee

By Ashley Evans


Students and faculty alike get in line every weekday and select weekends for any selection of 10:31 Coffee’s specialty drinks, flavored lemonades, smoothies, and more, making the shop a valuable part of Concordia University Nebraska’s campus.

CEO of 10:31, senior Kalina Schoenfeld, helped explain information about the people and system that get us our coffee each week.

Next year will be the ten-year anniversary of the student led business, which started because of a class project. The students were told to envision a way to improve the campus and impact students, so one group came up with a student led coffee shop. 

It had humble beginnings, originally setting up shop in the library, and being called SIFE. It grew from there to the well-respected business that it is today and was eventually renamed 10:31 based off of the verse 1 Corinthians 10:31, “So, whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God.”

Schoenfeld said that 10:31’s staff is good at what they do, and she wants to make sure the baristas are truly appreciated. 

“The shop could not function without them. They are our frontline of communication. They make drinks, clean up afterwards, and truly appreciate our customers.” Schoenfeld said.

Every year, the business gets a new manager to replace the one that graduated the year before, and they are currently looking for a new one. Currently, they have two co-managers Kalina and Callie. 

Kalina takes care of baristas, does inventory, makes ideas, and handles the marketing. Callie does mostly finance as well as some social media. They both take care of scheduling and hiring. The management position that is open provides an opportunity for business majors as it is a well-respected position.

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