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Home News Student Parking Limited in TLEC Lot

By Savanah Baker

Restrictions in the parking lot between Jesse Hall and the Thom Leadership Education Center have potential to create confusion for students who park their cars on campus.
New signs designate nineteen spaces that were previously available to students as faculty and staff parking.
“There seemed to be confusion about what was student versus faculty/staff parking in this area. We decided to take the row at the far south end of Jesse and make it faculty/staff parking,” Gene Brooks, vice president for student affairs and athletics, said. “Students are not permitted to park in this lot during the day between 6:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.”
Sophomore Taylor Brockhaus believes her fellow students will have a hard time with this change.
“I think there will be more tickets at the start of the school year because a lot of people who live in [Esther, Dorcas, Ruth A, B, C] like to park in those spots. It’s closer for them because the back parking lot does not always have spots available,” Brockhaus said.
Although this change cut student parking, new student-only spots were assigned in the south Janzow Campus Center lot to offset the nineteen parking spaces lost. Faculty and staff are no longer allowed to park in those spots.
More information regarding these changes will be relayed through an email to be sent out by Brooks at a later date.
“We will [also] address parking during new student orientation and will have RAs address it during their first floor meetings,” Brooks said.
However, Brockhaus said, “It will be difficult for [returning students] to get used to that change.”
Signs are posted to help returning students identify faculty and staff parking from student parking. Be aware of these signs to avoid being ticketed.

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