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Photo Courtesy of Dorothy Cook

By Dorothy Cook


Approximately eight Concordia students are planning to venture to the Last Frontier of Alaska for a mission trip this coming summer. These students will be working with children in the village of Akiachak in Alaska during a week long Vacation Bible School mission. 

Concordia was invited to participate in this mission trip event through the Alaska Mission for Christ, an organization that sends missionaries to Alaskan villages at the request of the villages. 

“It is our prayer that they (the Akiachak children and families) will be able to have a strong church presence so that they can have their own Vacation Bible Schools and church events,” senior and Secondary Education major Kyndle Kirby said. 

Running water and electricity are limited in the Akiachak village, but that is not hindering the passion that Concordia students have for sharing the Gospel and keeping God’s Word alive. 

“We aren’t there to make people dependent on us, we’re there to help grow the church and encourage strong believers and leaders in their church,” Kirby said.

“Vacation Bible School has an impact in keeping God’s Word active and it’s better to proclaim the Gospel once than not try at all,” Kirby said, “There are things that we learn when we are children that stick with us forever. That’s why it is important for us to plant that seed with children, because who knows what it’s going to grow into?”

Even with the effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Concordia students that are  planning on attending the Alaska mission trip are eager to do God’s work. 

“We’re trusting that God will provide, and we are excited to share our faith and help the children grow in their faith,” Kirby said.

Scheduled for June 18 through June 27, the Concordia students are fundraising for their trip to Alaska. They are selling Krispy Kreme donuts which are being sold for $9 per glazed dozen or $10 per assorted dozen (this includes chocolate covered, raspberry filled, creme filled, and lemon filled). Pickup for these donuts was Saturday, February 27th at St. John from 7:15 a.m to 9:15 a.m. 

For more information on the Alaska Mission trip to Akiachak this summer, contact Kyndle Kirby at

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