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Home Arts & Culture Students gather for a night of English country dancing

Photo description: Junior Logan Walgate dances with sophomore Grace Donnelly during an English country dancing event

Photo credit: Bailey Mooney

Bailey Mooney

Sower Staff


Concordia students gathered for an evening of English country dancing last week, led by sophomore Grace Donnelly.

“I love English country dancing,” said Donnelly. “I wish that I could see it in more places because it’s a dance anyone can do. It is a very social dance. Regardless of if you have a partner you can have a good time with everyone.”

Students familiarized themselves with dances that have a history dating back to before the 16th century.

“Participating in English Country Dancing transports you to the Jane Austin time, which is magical,” said Eliya Moldenhauer.

For some students, this was their first time participating in the activity. However, others returned from the event last year.

“I thought that everyone was very welcoming, kind and forgiving. I spent the entire night laughing,” said Moldenhauer.

English country dancing provides an opportunity to help students accomplish fitness goals and connect with new friends, regardless of previous dancing experience.

“Everyone is really nice and welcoming and the dances are not too hard to learn. If you make a mistake it just adds to the fun,” said junior Logan Walgate.

Regardless of previous experiences with dancing, students said they had a lot of fun.

“I had no idea what was going on but, I was there for it and had a good time,” said freshman Ellen Klintworth.

Donnelly hopes to host the event again.

“Dancing is a critical skill that everyone should learn, and it is good exercise,” said Student Senate President Aaron Fosse.

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