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Photo description: The front of Weller Hall

Photo credit: CUNE Photo Gallery

Esther Molina

Sower Staff


That special time of year has come when students across the country head back to school and for incoming freshmen at Concordia that can be a little intimidating or even scary. Some freshmen are terrified, and others couldn’t be more thrilled to break away for a new start. Wherever you fall on that spectrum, here’s a breakdown on everything you need to know to survive your first week.


You will meet SO. MANY. PEOPLE.

There has never been another time in my life where I’ve learned so many different names and forgotten them all in the span of one week. You’ll meet fellow residents of your hall, classmates, people you wreck at sand volleyball. You won’t befriend everyone you meet, but you’ll definitely find at least one other freshman you click with – and maybe even end up marrying! I’m only half joking.


Janzow cafeteria

Many say the food here can be hit or miss, but I personally think it’s been a hit more often than not. Our deli line for sandwiches and wraps is always a safe option, the stir fry line is hot during lunch, and don’t get me started on the mac and cheese days. Since you’re a freshman and have an unlimited meal plan, the perfect way to put it to use is to grab a snack in between classes. My personal favorite is a bagel with cream cheese.


Jtop is THE spot

Want to meet even more people? Study but not really study? Have direct access to coffee at 10:31? Look no further than Jtop, or Janzow top. This is Concordia’s hub where students go to wait for class, get caffeinated, and hang out. If you manage to actually get work done here, please teach me your ways.


‘Sko dawgs

Did you think it was possible to make a Bulldog sign with your hand? No? Well, it is – and this cheer is the best way to show school pride at games. Or just wherever you go. ‘Sko dawgs! This will get you through your first week. Over time, you’ll pick up on Concordia’s quirks and be able to navigate it like a pro. Our campus has such a warm and welcoming environment, it’s only a matter of time before you’re able to call Concordia your second home.

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