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Nora Betts
Sower Staff


Spring break is upon us! But college students know that true relaxation is too much to ask for.

The onward press of academia waits for no one. I, personally, have several assignments to do, books to read, and subjects to study during my nine-day hiatus. However, I am determined to enjoy myself.

I propose that, if you follow my advice, you can balance homework and adventure during your spring break. Take my expert opinion and get the most out of your break based on your academic area of study:

If it is theology, wander on down to your local beach and pretend you’re in ancient Israel. The stories will come alive all around you! The seagulls grappling over fallen french fries? That’s the quail and manna in the wilderness. The little kids screaming and fighting over a sandcastle? That’s Joshua capturing Jericho. Become immersed in the events of the Old Testament without even leaving the country.

If you’re an English major, take a walk out into the woods. While you’re out there, find a skull (preferably human, but otherwise will suffice) and contemplate your own mortality. Also, keep an eye out for ghosts and poisoned swords.

Biology majors, visit the nearest stream or river and find some water hemlock. You can admire it and take some pictures, but please don’t eat it. Leave that up to the Philosophy majors (in honor of Socrates.)

Psychology majors, invite your friends and family to a board game night. Then attempt to psychoanalyze everyone at the table and dredge up their darkest secrets. Better yet, invite some Criminal Justice majors and turn it into a real-life game of Clue!

Communications majors can stand on a downtown street corner and try to start arguments with as many people as possible. Employ your communication theories in the real world. If they start threatening you, work on your negotiation tactics.

If you follow these strategies, I guarantee you will make the most of your spring break. And if I didn’t list your major or if you are hesitant to take my advice (despite the fact that it’s amazing), just remember to balance some work time with times of fellowship and rest. Most importantly, stay smart and have fun.

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