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Home Opinion “Ask Bruiser” What’s The Best Time To Get Breakfast At Janzow?

Good foods mean longer lines. Photo by Sonja Brandt.

Editorial Staff


Breakfast tends to be busiest when people are trying to eat right before or after class. The 20 minutes before class and the 20 minutes after are the worst times to go.

The best time is right when Janzow opens. There will be only a few other people wanting food, and if you are all quiet and considerate to each other you will have some new great friends. The lines will be short and the food will be fresh, what more could you want?

Specifically, the best day to get breakfast depends on what you are looking for. If you want omelets, Wednesday is the day; if you want anything else from that station, you need to go any day but Wednesday. On weekends, lines will be shorter, but you have less of a chance of spotting someone you know.

The best time to get breakfast at Janzow is when you need to eat and start your day off right with food and fellowship.

Of course, some people believe you should never eat in Janzow at all.

You will have to choose your priorities. Once you have decided what you value the most out of not having to wait, seeing your friends and getting fresh or unique food, you can decide when you want to get breakfast.

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