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Amy Hubach, Director of Christian Education internship coordinator at Concordia, was challenged this year to place 11 practicum students in churches.

Hubach travels across the United States to churches that have requested a DCE intern to see if they are a good fit for students. Students do not know where they will go until late in the spring semester, and this year placements were announced March 25.

The soon-to-be DCE interns invited fellow DCE students, family, friends and CUNE staff to celebrate with them on their placements.


The placements are as follows:

Cody Bender: St. John Lutheran Church in Woodbury, Minnesota

Isabel Brosch: Our Savior Lutheran Church in Norfolk, Nebraska

Deborah Holle: Our Savior Lutheran Church in Tacoma, Washington

Lauren Krueger: Our Savior Lutheran Church in Bettendorf, Iowa

Esther Langness: Zion Lutheran Church in Snohomish, Washington

Dalton Rau: Living Word Lutheran Church in Galena, Ohio

Gideon Schauer: Trinity Lutheran Church & School in Kalispell, Montana

Kylee Sullivan: Faith Lutheran Church in Merritt Island, Florida

Braedon Thompson: Trinity Lutheran Church in Hillsboro, Oregon

Leigha Meyer & Trevor Toft: King of Glory Lutheran Church in Williamsburg, Virginia


Meyer and Toft were excited to be together at King of Glory.

“There’s been so much buildup for four years, and now that I know, it’s a huge relief! I’m so excited to go to Virginia,” Meyer said. “I think it’s so cool that CUNE gives us the experience to spread far and wide across the country to share what we’ve learned, and more importantly share about Christ.”

Toft said he felt “amazement, disbelief, and heart fluttering” over the placement. “Having the knowledge to worship together is just incredible,” he said.

Sullivan said she is ready to get to Florida. “I’m very excited and I’m honestly ready to get into the field,” she said. “I originally had said not Florida, and Amy put me in Florida, but I’m still very excited. {It’s] just a little nerve-racking.”

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