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Home Opinion How to be an Efficient Traveler

by Madison Pitsch

As summer rolls around, I know a lot of us are probably going out on some grand summer adventures. Maybe you’re road tripping across the country, camping out across the street, or flying overseas. Either way, you’re about to embark on one of the greatest memories you’ll ever make.

As a somewhat seasoned traveler, I’ve collected a lot of great tips to help you become a savvy traveler (even if it’s your first time on a plane!). Trust me, some lessons are better told directly than learned through participation.

Tip #1- Get rid of your pants.

This applies in a lot of ways. In terms of packing, do you really need more than three pairs of pants? No! Save yourself some space and get rid of all those pairs of pants you’re packing! Save some weight in your suitcase. In terms of flying and traveling, dress in layers. Some airlines are cold, so you’re going to want some pants on. Other airlines don’t believe in air conditioning.

Tip #2- Clean out your purse/man bag.

If you want to be the traveler that everybody hates, lose your passport/ID in your bag. Before you go, clean out your bag and make sure that you can easily reach what you’re looking for. It will also be easier to get through security. Trust me on that one.

Tip #3- Tin Man no more.

Get rid of things that will set off sensors. You’ll thank me later.

Tip #4- Break out the planner.

Surprisingly, a vacation does need plans to happen. Do some research, figure out what you want to do, and don’t miss out! Yes, you can always follow your free-spirited pal, but you’ll be grateful to have some surefire things to check off your list.

Tip #5- Snack attack!

Have snacks! You will save so much time if you pack a snack — you don’t have to stop at gas stations as much. You also won’t spend as much money on Twinkies when you don’t even really want them, you’re just hungry. Cool, right? Budgeting and traveling — the perfect duo.

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