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Home Opinion Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump

by Angela Bell


I am a Mexican-American. I am a female. And I am voting for Donald J. Trump on Nov 8. I’m never ashamed to say this, because, despite what the mainstream media tries to feed me on a daily basis, I’ve done my own research.

An Ipsos poll from back in May said 47 percent of likely Trump voters are voting for him principally to block Hillary Clinton from office. Benghazi, the corrupt Clinton Foundation, the email scandal and her trail of lies are allegations that are very off-putting for many voters.

While I would, of course, agree that anyone is better than Clinton, I have my own reasons for voting for Trump: policies. I’m troubled by how far we have strayed from talking policy in this election cycle, because, at the end of the day, that is what matters. How can I know that America will benefit from a President Trump?

By lowering taxes on corporations and making smart trade deals unlike the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Trump will incentivize companies to bring jobs back to the states. According to, Trump will secure the border and put an end to sanctuary cities that harbor criminals by reforming the immigration system and working with Congress to pass “Kate’s Law.” He will protect the Second Amendment by appointing Supreme Court justices who will defend the Constitution as it was written, so that the American people will never live in fear under a tyrannical government ever again.

In contrast, at a private fundraiser in 2015, Clinton said, in regards to the District of Columbia v. Heller ruling, that “the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment. And I am going to make that case every chance I get” (Washington Free Beacon). He will stand by veterans and improve our broken veterans affairs system. According to the campaign website, he will appoint a Secretary of Veterans Affairs and work to modernize the VA by making care more accessible and working to better meet the needs of female veterans. He will stand by our men and women in blue and work to help inner cities, not further cripple them. He will unapologetically fight radical Islam and rebuild our military by finding peace through strength.

I’m not a single issue voter but if I were, that issue would be the Supreme Court. As a Christian, I cannot fathom giving Clinton the power to appoint up to four Supreme Court Justices. I want to see Justices in office that will uphold the Constitution. I want to see Roe v. Wade overturned. I want my children and children’s children to experience the freedoms that our founding fathers bestowed upon us to preserve.

There are so many more reasons why I stand with Donald Trump, but when it’s all said and done, it comes down to the simple fact that I trust him. While Trump may be loose with his tongue, I know he says what he means. Clinton has shown that she has no obligation to uphold the truth and has proven there’s no low she won’t sink to in order to win.


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