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Home Opinion Reflections on Life as a Camp Counselor

by Kim Sleeper

Camp is not just a summer job; it’s a way of life. At least, that’s pretty easy to see on Concordia’s campus, especially at the beginning of the school year.

I started attending camp at the age of five and worked at Lutheran summer camps for four years as a counselor. Here are ten things that I have gathered to be prime indicators that #campislyfe to you.


  1. Chacos are your go-to pair of shoes.

Customizable, waterproof, AND give you that slick z-shaped tan? I’m in.


  1. You get excited about mundane activities.

You get really good at hyping everyone up when your job depends on it.


  1. Your perfume (or cologne) is sunscreen and bug spray.

West Nile Virus and UV Rays don’t have anything on us.


  1. You only know how to play four chords on the guitar.

Why aspire to be Jimmy Page when you only need G, D, C and A to worship Jesus?


  1. You’ve become an expert s’mores maker, whether you wanted to or not.

Shout-out to all those campers who dropped their marshmallows in the fire and forced us to remake their s’mores for them.


  1. You only know the lyrics to popular songs or “the classics” because of catchy meal prayers.

See “The Coca-Cola Prayer” and “Rock Around the Clock” for reference.


  1. Friends and co-workers are only known by their camp names.

Sorry, I’ve never met a guy named John. Are you talking about Tree-Hugger?


  1. If there is a song, then it definitely has actions.

How else will those youngsters learn the true meaning of the song without excessive interpretive dancing?


  1. Not showering is the norm.

You’re just going to get dirty again tomorrow, so why even try to clean up?


  1. You turn every opportunity into a Gospel-centered moment.

I know, I know, you could smell the cheese a mile away on this last reason. However, camp fosters an incredible atmosphere and community centered on the love and grace of Jesus Christ that changes your entire mindset. How cool is that?

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