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Home Opinion The Single Student’s Ring by Spring Survival Guide

Photo by Kim Sleeper


by Jayme Lowe

Prepare yourselves: Ring by Spring is coming. Every year, many Concordia couples make the leap from boyfriend and girlfriend to engaged by the time spring rolls around. You may have already seen it – the holidays are peak time for engagements. But there is still more to come, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner and spring still a long way off. If you’re one of the many Concordia students without a significant other, you know all about the seemingly endless stream of ecstatic Facebook posts and ring pictures. How can single students get through it all without losing it? Worry not: here are some tips and tricks for surviving Ring by Spring season.

Tip #1: Host a Galentine’s Day dinner.

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Inspired by the efforts of Leslie Knope on “Parks and Recreation,” get together with your favorite gal pals and celebrate how awesome you are, whether you have boyfriends or not. Go out for a fancy dinner or just order pizza and watch old rom-coms like “French Kiss” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Guys, get your group of friends together for a Mario Kart tournament or grill some steaks.

 Tip #2: Treat yourself.

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Those giant teddy bears at Walmart are irresistible – who says a boyfriend or girlfriend has to buy one for you? You deserve something nice, and one of those bears would be great for cuddling up on the couch as you watch yet another episode of “Chopped.”

Tip #3: Order a #ForeverAlone latte from 10:31.


While the name is a little depressing, this latte is so delicious that it’s worth it. Who needs a significant other when you have coffee?

 Tip #4: Send yourself a Valentine’s Day card.


There are few things that make someone’s day as much as getting mail, so surprise yourself with a cute Hallmark card. Even better, send a card to your other single friends!

Tip #5: Remember that you are loved.

We have an everlasting, always-loving God who cares for us so much that He sent His Son to save us! You have family and friends who love you. The Concordia community is full of people with open hearts and open hands. Whether you’re seemingly eternally single or newly engaged, there is no shortage of love for you. Throughout Ring by Spring season, hold tight to the promises of God and all the wonderful people he has blessed you with.


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