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Lauren Dawson
Sower Staff


The first of Concordia’s new weekend events, hosted by the Student Life Team, was held on Sunday with
nearly 30 students showing up to participate in a game night.

The Student Life team plans to host a campus-wide event every weekend this semester. Rebekah Freed, director of student development, explained that the events were created in response to a student desire for more socialization.

“People want simple ways to connect, relax, and meet new people, especially if they live far away or don’t go home on the weekends,” Freed said.

The goal of these events is to increase student involvement in the CUNE community.

“We are excited to see how it plays out, and we hope people get connected,” said Freed.

Each event is planned by three to four of Concordia’s Resident Assistants. Sophomore Emily Loseke, one of the RAs who hosted Sunday’s game night, was very pleased with the event.

“I count the first weekend event as a huge success!” said Loseke. “We had a big turnout, and more importantly, people were connecting and having fun.”

The participants also enjoyed the game night.

“It was a lot of fun, and had a very casual and friendly atmosphere!” said freshman Miriam Kearney.

The SLO team is excited to continue building community through these events. “Thank you to everyone who came,” said Loseke. “I hope this is something we can continue to grow and be intentional with in the future.”

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