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Home Blog Students Share Mixed Reactions to Traffic Flow Stickers

Photo Courtesy of Sower Staff

By Olivia Proctor


Stickers have been placed around campus to direct traffic flow and minimize contact between students in an attempt to decrease the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

Some students find these stickers to be helpful, while others find them to be an inconvenience and not very effective. 

Junior Carter Thorman, Student Senate Treasurer, thinks that the university’s intentions are good, but doubts the actual effectiveness in decreasing the spread of the virus. 

“I think in theory they are good and the university has to do it because they have to make an effort to not spread the virus,” Thorman said. “I don’t know if they’ve worked as the university has wanted them to, because traffic flow is still awkward with the signs up.” 

Some students, like junior James Gramzow, are more opposed to the stickers due to their inconvenience and confusion on how useful they are in preventing the spread of virus particles. 

“Multiple people have touched the doors, so what’s the point of having a specific door that I can come in and a specific door that I can come out when I’m going to end up touching both doors?” Gramzow said. “It doesn’t do anything to mitigate the virus…it wastes the students’ time.” 

Other students support the new traffic flow stickers and view them as being somewhat effective and at least worth a try.

“I do think we have the responsibility to our community to try and control the spread of COVID,” junior Jasmine Cody said. “Even if you don’t completely agree, respect the people that are in charge.” 


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