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Home Opinion What Really Happens During Spring Break

by Carolina VonKampen


Ah, spring break. The week set aside for us to relax, catch up on sleep, practice your sport, maybe catch up on homework, but most importantly, just relax.


Spring break starts off calm and relaxing. You drive home or set off on a road trip with your friends and start r e l  a   x   i   n   g for a few days.



Then, you start remembering that you have some homework to do.


Some professors generously assumed you would use some of your free time to read an extra chapter or write a paper that’s due the week after spring break.


But you relax.



As spring break comes to a close, you get *mildly* anxious.


You start remembering the things you have to do.


You drive back to campus like you’re being chased by the homework police and barricade yourself in the library or your room.


Then you end spring break by staying up all night to write that paper due on Monday morning even though you had all spring break to write it.


But it’s worth it. For just a few days, you weren’t stressed. You remember those quiet moments amidst the chaos of the last two months of the semester, and you smile…

…before getting back to business.

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